Petroleum Engineering/Reservoir/Well Site Services:

Major Service Deliverables

Field Studies – All Reservoirs or Reservoir specific

Basin Analysis

A&D Analysis

Wellbore Utility Analysis and Well Utility Chart Development

Seismic Interpretation/Evaluation

Subsurface Mapping

Petroleum Geology

Petro physical Analysis

Petroleum Engineering Services

Reserve Estimation

Project/Program/Field Valuation


  • Reservoir Management Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Reserve Reporting and Representation in Bank Engineer meetings/ Reserve Audits
  • PHDWIN Economic Modeling and Cash flow Forecasting
  • Decline Curve Analysis; Production Forecasting;
  • Rate Transient Analysis; Advanced Decline Curve Analysis; Type Curve Development
  • Pressure Transient Analysis and Reservoir Simulation
  • Production Engineering; Flow assurance / Nodal Analysis;
  • Vertical lift performance optimization – Gas Lift Optimization; all other lift systems – rod pump; jet pump; progressive cavity; ESP
  • Field LOE (lease operation expenditures) Analysis; Budget planning and development; cost control management.
  • Project Planning, Execution and Field Management
  • Project Cost Estimation; work scheduling; AFE development
  • Project Prognosis
  • Project Field Execution Procedures
  • Project Procurement
  • Field Execution ; Operational progress reporting; Cost/Budget Control Reporting
  • AFE/ACTUAL Cost & Operational Performance Post Mortem Analysis and Continuous Improvement Reporting